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Friday, January 7, 2011

MS Trek IV: The Search for Doc

I'm trying to find a new neurologist.  This has never been an easy task for me since my first neurologist was such a great person to work with as an MS patient.  But I can no longer drive the 3+ hours to see him and get the adequate doctor-patient relationship that a person with MS needs.

My solve for this has been to try going to see recommended neurologists in my area, but that has not been a good experience.  I have had neurologists tell me they don't like dealing with MS patients because we ask too many questions.  I have had neurologists do a follow up visit with me after the initial visit (where they did the cursory neuro tests) and tell me what they think the next step of my treatment should be while never once looking up from the stack of charts (that are other patient's) and look at me during the conversation.

So, I am now looking for a neurologist in Charlotte which is about an hour and a half drive from here.  This leads me to think about what I am looking for in a neurologist.  I am not looking for a neurologist to take charge of my MS life and provide me with all the answers.  What I do want is someone who looks at me as a partner in my fight against MS.  I want a corner man.  I'm the one who has to get in the ring and go toe to toe with MS, but I need someone who can offer advice and wisdom when the round ends.  I need someone who understands that my ultimate goal is to win not survive.

What successes and failures have you had in finding a neurologist?  What qualities do you value in a neurologist?  How did you find a neurologist that you are happy with?  These are the questions I would love to hear answers to, since I have no interaction with anyone with MS.  I know I'm not alone in this quest to find a good neurologist, so sharing your thoughts with me is most appreciated.

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  1. I hated my neurologist in 1995. My mom died in a car accident (with me on her side) and I've had panic attacks after that in a car. So I went to my neurologist. Sadly for me, he knew my mom (what I didn't know before) and he kept talking about how sad HE was. I hated him for that.
    5 years later I've had no feelings in my hands after my father died and I went to see him again. He walked into the room, looked at me and told me "you're to fat". Nice, hm? (Btw: he WAS right and it was NOT my fault, I lost 60 kg in the last 6 years with eating more and more *g*)
    2004 after the birth of my first child I went to the hospital with no feeling underneath my belly and after that: went to see him again.
    And till then: he is my best friend *g*. He may not be the most polite neurologist in the world, but he knows me and my nerves. He knows if I have a "schub" (like we call it in german) or if something else is wrong in my body (for expample: I had to take antibiotics and they caused a neuropathy).
    I love him :)