What is the MS 365 Project?

The MS 365 Project is a celebration of my 20th year with Multiple Sclerosis and the active lifestyle that I have used in my fight against MS. This year long project will hopefully raise money for the Can Do MS organization and raise awareness of how strenuous activity can help in the fight against MS.

Saturday, January 1, 2011


 35.71 miles of fog and mist on roads that have been covered in salt and sand from the recent snows was a fun way to start out the new year.  With temperatures in the 40's, it never felt as warm as the thermometer would have you believe it should be.  But on we went alternating between a talking pace (read sedate) to an OMG-I'm-cold pace (read NOT sedate).
Golden and I at the end of the ride; soaked and cold.
It was a fun ride, especially in retrospect.  Considering that I rode 60 miles yesterday, 30 miles on Thursday and 40 miles the day before that, I felt pretty good.  There was that sore feeling in the legs but it didn't seem to have any effect on how much effort I could make.
This is what happens when road grime flies in your face the whole ride!
Did you get out and do something today?


  1. Rode around Lake James today with 13 other riders. Didn't do much wheel suckin cause of all the salt and sand flying everywhere. But we did have hot chocolate after the ride!!!

  2. Awesome blog. I admire anyone who fights through MS with your attitude and determination. I have only missed the MS ride from Charlotte to MB 3 times in its existence. Its a cause I support 100%. Hope to get a chance to ride with you sometime. I do love the shop.