What is the MS 365 Project?

The MS 365 Project is a celebration of my 20th year with Multiple Sclerosis and the active lifestyle that I have used in my fight against MS. This year long project will hopefully raise money for the Can Do MS organization and raise awareness of how strenuous activity can help in the fight against MS.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

An unexpected visit

flare up
I rode my bike to work yesterday, as always, started class and started to realize that something was up. I was irritable, my head felt fuzzy and I was feeling numb on the left side of my body. I haven't had an exacerbation in 6 years, but I realized pretty quickly that I was having one.

It seems like I start to wonder if I will ever see another exacerbation; that maybe I am "over" MS, but the exacerbation serves to remind me of my mortality and my need to keep an eye on the enemy at all times.

I left school, administrators helping me get my classes covered and driving me home (they didn't want me riding home. It would have been slow, but I would have made it!).  I got in to see my doctor pretty quickly, my friend Chris driving me to his office in the next town. He agreed with me that there didn't seem to be any specific trigger. He's checking for some kind of infection, but it doesn't seem likely.

So now it's 10 days of prednisone. I'm already feeling better. Feeling is coming back, nausea is gone and the fuzzy head is clear again. My equilibrium is still a little shaky, but not so anyone would notice but me.

I know this will pass. I know I am incredibly lucky and fortunate to not have had an exacerbation in 6 years. I will remain positive. I will keep pushing forward with all of my might.

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  1. hope you're doing better now, shawn. give us an update when you can.